Free Children’s Haircuts for a Cause

In preparation of the upcoming school year, JD’s Barber Shop, also known as Clipper Works, off of 619 North Lindell Street in Martin, TN will be providing free haircuts to youth ages 5-18 on Sunday, August 4th from 12:30-4:30 pm. Donations and tips for the cuts will support the Martin Enrichment Academy’s Stone Soup Project.

During the event there will be free grilled hotdogs, a variety of parking lot games and a chance for your child to win a backpack of school goodies.

Jahaan Jones, Martin Enrichment Academy Staff, with a bowl of freshly harvested vegetables and herbs from the garden.

“The Stone Soup Project,” is a program formed by the youth attending Martin Housing Authority’s summer camp and afterschool program, and who also participate in Student Culinary Council, led by Martin Housing Authority staff member, Sharde Lofton. This growing season MEA youth have been actively involved in farm to spoon activities, by growing from seed and transplant, cultivating and tending to the plants as they grow, harvesting and will be preparing their first Stone Soup community dinner in mid-August.  The harvested products grown from their garden will be used to make a community soup dinner which will be provided to the residents of Martin Housing Authority for a free community meal.

This project is made possible with collaborative support from the MEA and Martin Housing Authority Staff, Sodexo, and the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network (LFN). All proceeds will support the growth and development of this program in preparation for next year’s growing season.