Dear Representative Kustoff – Expand the Community Eligibility Provision

The Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network, a local non-profit partnering with schools in Northwest Tennessee, is supporting developing Farm to School projects in our region and we know a way to fuel the health, learning, and overall well-being of our nation’s school children.

One of the key ways to achieve these goals is by providing all children—no matter their household income—with access to free school meals.

Congress has the opportunity before the end of the year to expand the reach of free school meals to millions more children. By expanding the Community Eligibility Provision, Congress can ensure more schools will be able to provide free meals to all their students.

Could you support any or all of our items on our Holiday Wish List for our Nation’s Children?
~Fuel academic achievement
~Promote health
~Reduce childhood hunger
~Boost participation in school meals
~Remove stigma from the cafeteria
~Eliminate school meal debt

Cheatham County School Nutrition Staff strive to feed their students healthy meals on a limited budget.

As Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has stated, “Seventy-three percent of public school teachers report they are teaching students who come to school hungry. We know that when kids are hungry, they can’t concentrate, lack energy, and often struggle behaviorally and academically. That’s why we urge Congress to include our child nutrition priorities in any end of year spending package. We owe it to our nation’s children.

Can we count on you, Representative Kustoff, to expand the Community Eligibility Provision?

We appreciate your time, consideration and support,

Samantha Goyret, Caroline Ideus, and Laura Myhan
Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network Team

Contact Representative David Kustoff HERE.