What one person can do

I’m only one person …

That thought certainly goes through everyone’s mind when you watch the news, read the paper, or catch the news bulletins on the net. And it’s overwhelming, seeing so many needs of so many people around the world.

But one person can do a lot of good, especially when one person joins another, and another, ad infinitum. Consider the Society of St. Andrew, a non-religious 501 (c)(3) nonprofit which is an organization of volunteer gleaners around the nation. Gleaners who feed thousands of people every year, joining their individual efforts towards only one goal.

That one goal is very simple: to end hunger.

Sharing in that goal are people from every link in the food chain. Farmers call the local office to have gleaners come to their fields after the initial harvest. Grocery stores call for someone to come and get speckled bananas, bakeries need day-old bread taken to food banks.

The Webster dictionary defines gleaning as the act to gather (leftover grain or other produce) after a harvest.

Last year, football teams from Temple and Duke universities completed their annual community service project while in Shreveport, LA for the Independence Bowl. Those husky football players bagged 38,000 pounds of sweet potatoes for hungry families in the area.

Speaking of college bowl games, the annual Citrus Parade in Orlando, Florida, has huge floats decorated with fruits and vegetables. And SOSA gleaners have met the morning after the parade for more than a decade to carefully remove all the edibles, boxing up more than 100,000 servings of Florida-grown produce to send to more than 40 agencies in the area working to feed the hungry.

Want to join the effort to end hunger in your area? Sign up at Endhunger.org/register, and you’ll get all the details by email.

Hungry families eat better because of each one person who cared and gave his/her time to glean good, nutritious food.

Something to ponder …                                                                  Terri Jenkins-Brady