Food That Never Filled a Plate Turned into Meals for Hungry Kids

Credit: WSBT 22

Indiana has begun an innovative program that stops a great deal of food waste and makes sure kids don’t go hungry on the weekends when they’re off from school.

That’s the whole concept in a nutshell, as outlined in an online article from last spring, titled “Unused Cafeteria Food Is Being Turned Into Take-Home Meals for Kids” under the ‘sunny skyz’ imprint.

Check out the brief article here . And then take a good, hard look at the catering companies, school cafeterias, industrial cafeterias serving factory workers and bakeries in our neck of the woods.

Could the Indiana program serve as a model for helping our kids eat much better on weekends? And why not include the older folks, who may manage to get to a senior center on weekdays, but find it closed on Saturday and Sunday? Let’s examine this idea and see if it could help out in our neighborhoods.

What seed are you planting today?

Terri Jenkins-Brady, staff blogger