The Power of a Purple Hull Pea and One Pea’s Journey into Central Arkansas School Meals – April Meet-Up

Dan and Nadia Spatz began farming in 2012 when they purchased a greenhouse operation in Eagleville, TN, focusing on culinary herbs. Dan’s family has a legacy farm in central Arkansas which is being transitioned to community oriented, regenerative farming practices. The Spatzes experience includes growing a small ag enterprise six fold over 10 years; partnering for and administering a USDA Farm to School grant; executive leadership experience in Mars, a global food manufacturing and marketing company; and non-profit work for Catholic Relief Services. Healthy Flavors has grown from 5 employees in 2012 to 30 employees today. HF is a certified woman owned enterprise.

Dan Spatz, co-owner of Health Flavors Farm out of Conway, Arkansas, will share his experience of converting their commodity farm into a purple hull pea operation, how a USDA Farm to School implementation grant supported their farm operation’s needs, working with Arkansas school districts, incorporating educational and culinary experiences for children and college students, as well as making a living by providing locally grown food to schools. Come with us a we take the journey with the purple hull pea from local farm to school cafeteria fork.

Join us for April 13th’s Virtual Meet-uP at 12 Noon
with Dan Spatz from Healthy Flavors, Arkansas

Watch Dan Spatz’s presentation and listen to our fruitful conversation with excellent resources and information.

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“The kids were coming into the cafeteria and asking ‘Are these the peas?’” Sophia Hogan, Child Nutrition Director for the Vilonia District, said.
Hogan said that students were asking for seconds, and that she saw multiple empty plates.
“When I saw the poster [of the peas], I didn’t know what they would taste like,” third grader Makayla Cole said. “Then, when I tasted them, I thought ‘whoa.’ They are really, really yummy.”
Dan Spatz, the agricultural entrepreneur behind Healthy Flavors Arkansas, visited the district on Thursday and spoke with multiple students, including Cole, about their experience with the farm-to-school activities.
“It is so heartening to be at Vilonia, see the kids experience the peas and hear the teachers describe the learning that has taken place,” he said. “Food has become so transactional in our society, but this program shows the ability of food connect people and spread knowledge on something that is vital in our lives.”