Got Local Food?

Do you grow food? Do you make artisan foods? Do you have chickens with eggs for sale? Are you a beekeeper? Do you own a food truck or restaurant? Do you sell plants? Do you raise or process freezer beef/pork? Are you involved in agri-tourism or have a u- pick farm? Does your organization provide food relief? Are you interested in providing fresh local food to our county schools? Would you like to support your local food system? 

If you are currently involved in any of the above practices or are looking to get involved but don’t know where to start, the NWTN Local Food Network (LFN) is here to help. We are a diverse network of local individuals who want to see our community thrive and flourish in the coming years. With all of us working together and bringing our unique skills and talents to be shared we can ensure that healthy meals are easily available to all of our neighbors in need. 

The NWTN Local Food Network’s Local Food Guide is a FREE directory of locally produced foods and family farms in Northwest Tennessee. Whether you are a backyard gardener, small-scale farmer, or large scale farmer – all are invited to register for FREE. Residents throughout the region use the guide to find family farms, farmers markets, wineries/distilleries, restaurants, food artisans and bakers, farm stores and stands, pumpkin patches, u-pick farms, CSAs, animal products, beekeepers, processors, food trucks, locally featured food in restaurants, locally owned plant vendors, and food relief organizations. 

This year the LFN is working to establish and expand our farm to school program which will increase locally grown food in schools for our children to enjoy a fresh healthy meal straight from the source. Through community partnerships, the LFN is also working to engage our community through local and sustainable food practices and how anybody can grow, harvest and prepare delicious meals from their own hands. 

Any business or organization mentioned in the categories above are invited to fill out the FREE registration form on the upcoming Northwest Tennessee Local Food Guide 2021 by Friday, February 26, 2021 online at: (please note: personal addresses will not show on the listing, but it is needed to mark your business on the regional map).

For more information or to purchase an ad to support the printing costs, please message call Lynette Wagster, General Manager of the Weakley County Press at 731-587-3144  or email

The Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network is a local nonprofit organization based out of Martin, TN serving as a catalyst for a thriving and equitable local food system that is accessible to ALL. This year’s 2021 NWTN Local Food Guide will be distributed throughout the 9-county region of Northwest Tennessee starting in May 2021. Registration is due by February 26th. 

-William King

LFN Team Blogger