DIY Hand-washing Stations

There are some great portable hand-washing station models springing out of Covid-19 needs for clean hands. Below are a few ideas….

“The link above are some of our favorite homemade handwashing stations in our food safety resource library. These can be very inexpensive and quick to build from readily available materials, so you could have them located in community gardens, markets, around farms, anywhere useful!”- Cara Fraver

There is a handwashing handout from NC State University has been helpful for rural farmers and farmers markets.

Niels Nielsen has made the plans for his portable hand-washing stations available for free on the internet and is encouraging others to build the inexpensive units and set them up wherever they can be useful in stopping the spread of coronavirus. He will update the plans and instructions periodically as he continues to refine his design. Find the plans online at

John Wang, from the Food Project “partnered with a maker space in MA to help put together some rather cheap (around $50 to $70 per station) and light weight foot pedal activated hand washing stations that we’re using on our farms and farmers markets. It does require a 3D printer for the accessory to attach to the bucket and a little work, but luckily for us, they’ve had the ability to take that on (UT has one!). Here are the plans – Let me know if you have any questions: ” –

Angela TenBroeck‘s packhouse hand washing station