Would you buy ‘imperfect’ produce?

Even the small grocers still serving the public in our area of NW Tennessee have said they can’t sell produce that’s lopsided, or speckled or otherwise not cosmetically picture-perfect. “I can’t convince my customers that bananas with brown freckles are still good to eat. Those little dots on the peel are sugar spots. But they don’t like them, and they won’t buy them,” David Hicks said, standing in his Food Rite grocery store in Kenton.

That isn’t just in our area, of course.

Channel WLWT5 in Kansas City, Missouri, ran a brief news feature on Imperfect Produce. The company is an online grocery store that specializes in buying imperfect fruits and vegetables and then selling the produce to consumers at a hefty discount, often up to 30% less than prices for perfect items at the stores.

Check out the station’s video here:

Your local farmers try hard to give buyers a discount when their produce isn’t gorgeous. So, go ahead and buy that tomato that has a few ‘bug bites’ on it, or the squash with skinned spots. Your taste buds will appreciate the flavor. Your budget will appreciate the break. Visit your local NWTN Farmers Market today and see what imperfect treasures you can find.

What seed will you plant today?
~ Terri Jenkins-Brady