The Roots of America

Washington and Jefferson were farmers as well as statesmen; America began as an agrarian nation and continued to be one until the Industrial Revolution.

But Olney Friends School, founded in 1837, has continued to focus on farming and academics. Its goal is to produce well-rounded citizens of Quaker faith, and many of the school’s graduates go on to four-year colleges.

It’s also America’s very first certified organic high school campus.

During this week of elementary through high school spring breaks across the State of Tennessee, take your kids out into nature, or visit a local greenhouse, start plants from seed, or have them dig in the dirt (or make a mud pie) and see what happens, you might be surprised.

To read more and get inspired: The High School Where Learning to Farm is a Graduation Requirement

Points to ponder ….      

                                                     Terri Jenkins-Brady
Team Blogger