A new year, and new solutions for an old problem?

Here’s an article from London’s “Daily Mail” newspaper that starts the wheels turning in your head: “For richer, for poorer: Do-gooder couple hold their wedding at the HQ of a local charity – and then spend time packing 22,000 meals for starving kids after saying ‘I do‘”

Volunteers at Mobile Food Pantry Distribution in Greenfield, TN in 2018.

Do you know a couple planning to marry who might be interested in a quite nontraditional wedding? Could this idea be scaled down to work in our community, perhaps for packing food backpacks for kids, or putting meal boxes together for seniors who can’t afford the fees for Meals on Wheels?

Feeding everyone in a community seems to have been a problem since communities have existed. Let’s see what we can do this year to chip away at this.

Food for thought …                                                                       

Terri Jenkins-Brady

Team Blogger