Farm to School in Kenya: A Virtual Meet-Up

Travel with us to visit the schools of Narok County, Kenya as the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network staff, Samantha Goyret and Caroline Ideus hosted a FREE Virtual Meet-UP on Friday, March 17, 2023 with the staff of Innov8Africa.

Watch Recorded Meet-up Video Here.

During this virtual meet-up, we explore Farm to School programming through Innov8Africa’s partnership with Narok County Schools, Kenya. We learn about how Innov8Africa integrates an eight sustainable module framework woven throughout their school culture. Innov8Africa staff share stories about feeding school children and their communities with their school-based agriculture and nutrition programs.

UN Sustainability Goals – Innov8Africa uses the United Nation’s Sustainability Goal framework to gauge the impact their programs are having on Kenyan children and their families.

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Innov8Africa’s Mission & Work

For more than a decade, Innov8 Africa has assisted African children in developing “life skills.”  We call our approach “activity-based learning.” When we work with schools and communities to provide clean water, our children form teams using their math and planning skills to develop water conservation programs. Schools learn to grow their own food and sell the excess produce to earn income. We grow, plant and sell trees; while teaching carbon awareness. We assist with poultry farming and beekeeping. We believe that experience is the best teacher. 

Today, we promote education and innovation for more than 10,000 students and our outreach extends to thousands more community members. Since 2010, our organization has developed 8 eco-friendly learning modules to empower students for a future of critical thinking through experience and social enterprise.

Would you like to have a seat at our table? Join us by discussing the following questions:

  1. What similarities do Narok County School children have with children in the States?
  2. What are some differences about children in Narok County Schools and in the USA?
  3. What if our schools in the states did not have a school nutrition program? What would that look like?
  4. After reviewing the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals, which goal is most important to you, and why?
  5. How does culture affect food choice?
  6. How does accessibility of foods affect food choice?
  7. Would you be willing to grow your own food for your family?
  8. How do Farm to School programs benefit their schools and communities?
  9. What are some ideas from Tennessee that can help Innov8Africa’s programming in Narok County Schools, Kenya?
  10. Would you like to visit Kenya? Why or why not?

Feel free to use the comment box below to answer any of the questions above. Thanks for participating and sharing a spot at our virtual table with us!

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