“Oh My Gourd!” – Fall Beautification Day

Celebrate the start of fall in Martin, TN with the first annual “Oh My Gourd! Fall Beautification Day” on Saturday, September 24th from 8am – 12 noon at the Martin Farmers Market.

The Martin Beautiful Committee is excited to offer 1 free pumpkin to each person who signs up for the trash pickup program hosted by The Weakley County Litter Grant Program.

The Weakley County Litter Grant Program will be armed and ready with free trash pick-up supplies and goodies for participants. All who register will receive a free voucher to choose your own locally grown gourd or pumpkin (while supplies last).

We also encourage everyone to visit our local business and pumpkin patches open on Saturday.

We are proud to partner with Nanney Farms this year. They have generously donated pumpkin displays for the downtown area.

Steps to Participate:
-Come to the Martin Farmers Market and visit the Weakley County Litter Grant Program table
-Sign-up for a trash pick-up location
-Receive gloves and a trash bag for your household to participate in the community trash pick-up
-Receive 1 voucher for a gourd or pumpkin of your choice.
-Clear out litter from a section of park, sidewalk, greenway, or your own neighborhood. Take all necessary precautions, including wearing sturdy gloves, being careful on river banks or near roads, having adults handle dangerous items, and supervising children closely. You can pick your favorite walk and do a one-time sweep, or make clean-up a regular family event.
-Properly dispose of all litter.

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10 reasons to participate in “Oh My Gourd! Fall Beautification Day” and pick-up trash in our community:

1) Promote a sense of community by helping to keep it clean.
2) Teach your children to GIVE as they watch you do it.
3) Keep toxins out of the planet.
4) Inspire others. If someone sees you doing it, they may be inspired to pick one day as well – adding to the goodwill in your community.
5) Save the waterways from pollutants (especially doggie waste)
6) Exercise! – “walk and squat” – could be the newest in exercise trends!
7) Save dog owner’s arms from being pulled off as their dogs sniff out every bag, every tissue and every wrapper dropped on the ground.
😎 Recycle the plastic picked up instead of it going into landfills.
9) Create cleaner and safer parks, streets and beaches for our children. Garbage is not only dirty it can be sharp and dangerous.
10) Save wild animals and fish from eating unnatural substances that destroy species.
***Most importantly, you will feel happy that you have GIVEN back. You gave to your community, your children, your planet and yourself.

Time Commitment: 30 minutes – 1 full bag of garbage

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