The science of apple growing is called pomology, named after the French word for apple – “pomme”. Over the years many people have worked together to refine methods to produce the best formed and tastiest apples.

Learn from Apple Farmers in the US:

#1 Balancing APPLES

Can you balance an apple on top of your head and walk from one part of the room to another without dropping it? This STEAM activity offers a great opportunity for practicing critical thinking skills. What helps? What works against you?

What about stacking apples – how many apples can you stack on top of one another? Why can’t the apples be stacked easily? What is it about the apples? Is there a better apple to stack onto another apple?

#2 Build an APPLE structure

Chop up an apple and grab toothpicks. What can you make – 3D or 2D shapes, a dome, a tower?

#3 APPLE Gravity

Take this one outside! Explore the concept of gravity, slopes, angles, and motion with a super simple apple gravity science experiment. Which apple will win the race? Why does one apple go faster than another.

#4 APPLE Painting

Painters observe shapes when they work. Even if an object appears to be all one color, a painter’s job is to stare at it long enough until they can reduce it to smaller shapes which may have only slight differences. This art exercise is a great way to help you learn how to start seeing just like a professional painter, while experimenting and having fun with monochromatic color.

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Watch American Farmland Trust Video HERE

#5 Earth as An Apple

Watch a short video about what if Earth were an apple produced by American Farmland Trust.

#6 Tasty APPLE Fractions

What happens when we cut an apple into smaller pieces? We take a whole apple and cut it in half. We then take a half of an apple and cut it into quarters. Maybe we even go a step further and cut those quarters into eighths! Prepping a tasty snack is most definitely a math activity. You have just set up the perfect opportunity to play and eat with an apple fractions math activity!

#7 Why do APPLES Turn Brown Experiment

#8 APPLE Volcano Experiment

#9 How Does an APPLE Grow

This activity was prepared by the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network, whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for a thriving and equitable local food system that is accessible to ALL.

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