Join Our Board

Meet Samantha Goyret, Executive Director of the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network. Take less than 2 minutes and learn why we need YOU!

We want you to consider joining the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network’s nonprofit Board of Directors. Nonprofits all across our region are dedicated to find passionate people, just like you.  The Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for a thriving and equitable local food system that is accessible to ALL.

Think you don’t have time to join our board? We meet quarterly and virtually, but we know you can make the time because you care that much about where your food comes from and helping educating children and the community about the benefits of supporting local food projects.

Do you think you have to be rich or know somebody who is rich to be a part of our Board? Can we bust that myth right here and right now?  NO and NO. All you have to do is to care enough to talk about the organization to people – to invite them to know more and do more. And that doesn’t take money to do it all.

So, do us a favor, if you know somebody who would be an awesome board member, could you share this opportunity to make a real difference? And if you think it is you, take a few minutes, do a little homework, and please, for yourself and for the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network, join our Board of Directors – Please.