Kids to PoP flower balls at Milan Farmers Market

This Saturday, July 24th from 10am – 12 noon, bring your kids to visit the Milan Farmers Market and join special guests from the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network during the “Power of Produce” Program.

The Power of Produce (POP) Club provides a fun opportunity for children to engage in the local food system through conversations directly with farmers, educational games and demonstrations, and exposure to new fruits and vegetables. In addition to participating in educational activities, POP Club kids receive vouchers to spend at the market, allowing them to make their own shopping decisions at the market.

In celebration of pollinators, the Local Food Network team will be creating flower bombs with children to take home with them and bomb their yards.

“Pollinators are essential to the production of many of the micronutrient rich fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils we eat,” states the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. “In fact, close to 75 percent of the world’s crops producing fruits and seeds for human consumption depend, at least in part, on pollinators for sustained production, yield and quality. The diversity of food available is largely owed to animal pollinators.”

A Flower Bomb is a little ball made up of a combination of compost, clay and seeds. The compost and clay act as a carrier for the seeds so they can be easily planted. Whether it’s a plant pot, flowerbed, wild patch in your lawn or an entire meadow, sowing wildflowers provides vital resources to support a wide range of insects that couldn’t otherwise survive in urban or built-up areas.

The Milan Farmers Market is located behind Milan City Hall. GPS location is 1109 W. Front St., Milan, TN 38358, and pick up locally grown and produced products. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programming (SNAP) accepted here.

Receive updates about the Milan Farmer’s Market @farmersmarketmilan, and from the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network @NWTNLFN on facebook.

The Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network is a nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst for a thriving and equitable local food system that is accessible to ALL.