There are solutions

It’s really amazing – and interesting – once you start looking around, to see how many creative solutions are being found and put to good effect around the world when it comes to solving how to give access to food for all, reducing the amount  of hungry, undernourished people.

I’m sure most of our readers have heard of/read “Diet for a Small Planet.” Finding an old but still valid article by the book’s author, Frances Moore Lappé, about a city in Brazil successfully combating hunger, gave extra credence to Belo Horizonte’s citizens and their ingenuity. They actually built a new food system from the ground up. Former city department manager Adriana Aranha calls for a “new social mentality”—the realization that “everyone in our city benefits if all of us have access to good food, so—like health care or education—quality food for all is a public good.”

They’ve attacked the food insecurity problem for a city of 2 ½ million people on multiple fronts. And their initiative would work for small towns, bigger cities, or any small community as well.

Here’s the article from YES! Magazine to read more: Food for Everyone

Points to ponder …    

                                                           Terri Jenkins-Brady