A vision of the future?

In March, 2014, The New York times featured a new suburb that wasn’t. Wasn’t ‘just a suburb,’ that is. Located beside Gilbert, Arizona, Agritopia is a world unto itself: a farm, a farmers’ market with organically-grown fruit and vegetables, a crafts and makers space with a retail shop, restaurants, a private school, a senior community folded into the greater urban area…

Could this be a vision of the future?

Check it out: http://www.agritopia.com

And then let your imagination roam. Imagine twenty or more of these agrarian, carefully-crafted communities dotted around Tennessee.

We have literally hundreds of farmers in our state. We need housing and care for young and older citizens alike, good jobs, responsible architecture and land use, plus a means to ensure food security for all.

Agritopia may be a model for a hand-tailored lifestyle, sustainable, ecologically responsible, and interdependent for the best of reasons: being a real sustainable community.

~Food for thought.

                                                                                                            ~Terri Jenkins-Brady
Team Blogger